Martin Weiss Crash Profits. Make Money when Stocks Sink and Soar


Martin Weiss Crash Profits.
Make Money when Stocks Sink and Soar


Read in this Forex ebook :
1 The Broker’s Hidden Agenda

2 The Bubble
3 The Wall Street Hype
4 The Bubble Bursts
5 The $17,000 Toilet Kit
6 Sell These Stocks Now!
7 Get Your Money to Safety
8 The Ballooning Budget Deficit
9 The Bond Market Bubble
10 The Real Estate Bubble
11 The Winning Minority 12 The Team
13 Hidden Risks
14 Deflation Forex Reviews !
15 The Fall of the Blue Chips
16 Move Your Account!
17An Appeal to Action18 Vertigo
19 The Big Bailout
20 The Great Rally
21 The Gap
22 The Blame Game
23 Rock Bottom
24 The Darkest Day
25 A True Recovery Endnotes


Millions of investors are now living in fear of the future, and perhaps you’re one of them. I, too, see very tough times ahead for the economy. But unlike most investors, fear is the farthest thing from my mind.
Indeed, my father, Irving Weiss, began preparing me for times like these 50 years ago. While other kids and their fathers were playing checkers, Dad and I were playing a stock market game. If I wanted to be the buyer, he’d play the seller, or vice versa. It was his way of teaching me the lessons he learned from the Great Stock Market Crash of 1929.
Dad was one of the great mavericks of Wall Street. He stood virtually alone as a man who correctly anticipated the Crash of ’29, who safeguarded his family’s money when stock prices plum-meted, and who actually used the crash to reap large profits.

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